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SkidSteer Hire Solutions can provide all clients with specialist construction machinery for all projects in the Middlesbrough area. Having a wide range of Bobcat and plant equipment available, we can always meet the needs of our clients, discussing your requirements and ensuring that the right equipment can always be hired.

All the construction machinery we deliver is in great condition and will work with a high-performance throughout the time you hire it. Our equipment is very versatile and also comes with several attachments and advanced features, allowing you to use the machinery for many tasks on each project.


We have a wide range of construction machinery available and will always work closely with our clients to discuss the different options for you. With so much equipment available, a solution will always be found if you are encountering problems during a project. Whilst our specialist equipment is suitable for machinery, it can only be used during demolitions, waste removal and forestry work. Machinery we have available includes:

  • Avant 525LPG Series
  • Bobcat S100 Skidsteer Loader
  • Bobcat S450 Skidsteer Loader
  • Bobcat S550 Skidsteer Loader
  • Bobcat S570 Skidsteer Loader
  • Bobcat S70 Skidsteer Loader
  • Bobcat T450 Compact Track Loader
  • Bobcat T590 Compact Track Loader
  • Bobcat T650 Compact Track Loader
  • Bobcat T770 Compact Track Loaders
  • JCB 300T Forest Master

With a selection of construction machinery available and all equipment having various features and specifications, we can talk you through all options for your construction work. Our Bobcat loaders give you the choice of both wheeled and tracked bottoms, along with a compact design, making it easy to manoeuvre around your site. Our equipment hire comes in a range of sizes, making it suitable for both large and small projects in Middlesbrough.

Our machinery is available for hire at fantastic prices and contracts can always be organised to last the length of your project. Our machinery will always help to boost productivity on your site, giving staff members the most modern and quality equipment available within the industry. Our equipment can be used for all projects and construction to achieve a high level of work, without you having to pay large prices to purchase your own machinery.

With our team, you always have the choice of a wide range of models between Bobcat, Avant & JCB. We have several models of each brand and can always provide quick delivery to your site for immediate use. After every client, we ensure equipment is fully serviced and in the best possible condition, ready to be used again for the future. Due to this, you can rest assured that all construction machinery that is used is dependable and in great condition.


With a range of models available, all our equipment comes with different specifications and features, in addition to attachments that can also be hired. As our attachments can come separately, if you have your own machinery, we can always provide our attachments without any machinery to ensure you still have the equipment you require available. The design of all equipment is very modern and up-to-date, making it suitable for all work.

The weights of our machinery start from 1.2 ton, with widths at 36”/920mm. Despite this, our equipment is still easy to control and move in confined spaces, with some SkidSteer models even suitable for use in doors. All equipment is suitable for use on large construction sites and can handle large weights whilst being easy to use around the site. Our models also come with advanced controls, allowing you to gain the full benefits of all construction machinery.

We have over 40 attachments available that can be used on Bobcat, Avant and JCB models. Before you decide to hire any equipment, we will talk you through the specifications of all models, what is the most suitable choice for you and which attachments can be used on these models.


Middlesbrough is one of the largest towns throughout the UK and is now a county borough within North Yorkshire, after previously being in the county of Teesside and then Cleveland. With a large population, Middlesbrough is an area we always love to serve. Located close to several major roads including the A19 and A66, when you hire construction machinery, it can always be delivered quickly by our team for use on your project.

Middlesbrough is also home to many attractions that make it a great area for visitors and locals. Some of the biggest landmarks located across Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas include Roseberry Topping, Albert park, Stewart Park, Dorman Museum, Tees Transporter Bridge, RSPB Salthome and the Riverside Stadium, home of Middlesbrough Football Club. There are many other attractions also in Middlesbrough and the surrounding areas, perfect for all visitors.

Since being established over 11 years ago, Skidsteer Hire Solutions have always provided construction and plant equipment throughout many areas, including Middlesbrough. With plant equipment suitable for all projects and industries, a fast response will always be given to clients in Middlesbrough, ensuring the correct models are delivered on time and in great condition for use.


SkidSteer Hire Solutions have built a fantastic reputation in the 11 years we have been established and with over 27 years of experience in our team, we have expert industry knowledge. You are assured that all the plant and construction machinery we provide is capable for any projects, being in great condition upon delivery to offer the highest possible performance. To ensure our machines are safe to use, they also come with a LOLER safety certificate.

With great knowledge of all equipment and attachments we have available for hire, we can also offer our advice no matter what project is being completed. The specifications and features of all equipment can vary and understanding what machinery you require is essential for the best performance and productivity on site. With the help of our team, this is always achievable as the best and most modern equipment is always available.

SkidSteer Hire Solutions aim to be the first choice for all construction, plant and Bobcat equipment hire throughout Middlesbrough. By working closely with our clients to ensure machinery is in good condition and delivered on time, your expectations will always be met. With competitive prices available on all equipment, we should always be your first choice for any machinery.


If you would like to hire construction machinery in the Middlesbrough area, do not hesitate to contact SkidSteer Hire Solutions. We can discuss all equipment, models and attachments we have available, allowing you to quickly hire the most suitable option for your project. Call us now on 01600 860 670 or 07887 971 458 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.


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