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SkidSteer Hire Solutions provide excavator hire and the lease of a range of other products, and can deliver our products to sites and projects in the Newcastle area. With only the best brands in our stock, we provide the hire of JCBs, Bobcat and Avant excavators. We have equipment and attachments suitable for all industries including the agriculture, demolition, civil, waste, construction and forestry sectors. Our excavators are complete with a dipper, bucket and rotating cab, and they can be used to carry out many different functions on your site. They operate using hydraulic systems and high-pressure oil, which is how the machine rotates 360 degrees and digs. Our excavators can be used to carry out many different tasks, including drilling, mining and trenching. Our excavators are available for use with one of our many attachments including hydraulic breakers, pallet forks and forestry mulching heads.


SkidSteer Hire Solutions provide excavator hire and demolition equipment for clients in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. Just some of our machinery and attachments are:

  • Avant LPG Loaders
  • JCB 300T Forest Master
  • Fork and Grab
  • Bobcat Skidsteer Loaders
  • Forestry Mulching Head
  • Wheel Saw Hire
  • Planer
  • Breaker and Auger Hire
  • Excavator Hire
  • Bobcat Compact Tracked Loaders
  • Mulching Head
  • Bobcat Wheel Saw
  • Dozer Blade Hire


Tracked excavators have high traction, meaning they do not have much impact on the ground and you can move freely on rough terrain. The parts of an excavator are the undercarriage, bucket, house and stick, which move at the same time to using gears and motors. The tracks are made of steel, meaning they are highly durable and suitable for raw land. Tracked machinery is usually used for tasks that involve digging, and although they tend to move slower than wheeled excavators, they can access more areas. Our mini excavator is a compact version of the full size one, and they have rubber tracks, making them easier to store.

You should always use the equipment in compliance with the relevant health and safety measures, to ensure the safety of you and your employees.

Whether you require a tracked or wheeled machine depends on the ground pressure, steering and suspension. Our tracked excavators have a high-power efficiency, have minimal impact on the ground and are suitable for use in bad weather conditions. In comparison, heeled machines operate faster and have a simpler design, although they can cause damage to some surfaces so are not suitable for all sites.


The JCB 300T Forest Master is a high visibility machine that has an operating capacity of 1452kg, and it can lift and load large objects. It has a vertical lift path, a net engine power of 55kW, and a rated operating capacity of 136lkg. Other features include a variable displacement piston pump, a smoothride system and an optional parallel lift. Standard mechanical hydraulic quickhitches are designed to meet JCB Standards and enable the user to change the attachments quickly for your convenience. Featuring a large door, the cab of the JCB 300T Forest Master is designed for your comfort, with an adjustable mechanical seat, a heated air suspension variant and a sliding window. They have a 270-degree field of vision, and a rear-view mirror at eye level, for maximum visibility and safety. The JCB Forest Master is strong and durable, made from high tensile strength steel and high-quality materials.


SkidSteer Hire Solutions provide forestry mulcher hire and mulching head attachment hire. A forestry mulcher is a piece of equipment designed to help you remove overgrown bushes, trees and stumps efficiently, creating a biodegradable mulch. They are popular in the forestry industry, as they are most useful for clearing vegetation and woodland areas. Forestry mulchers can easily clear space for land development, a pathway or property extensions. This method of vegetation removal is environmentally friendly, as it does not damage the surrounding plants and trees, and it is highly efficient. You should use a forestry mulcher instead of burning the vegetation as burning releases harmful gases into the environment and causes disruption to the surroundings. A forestry mulcher replaces the need for wood grinders, bulldozers and excavators, meaning it is a cost-effective solution as you only have to hire one piece of equipment as opposed to three. You can add value to your land by using this method of forestry clearance, as minimal damage is caused.


Our range of Bobcat skidsteer machines are suitable for tackling many tasks on your project, whether you require the Bobcat Mini Tracked Loader, the Bobcat M Series Tracked, or the Bobcat M Series Wheeled. The tracked Bobcat model is durable and is designed to provide maximum comfort for the person operating it. The Austempered Ductile Iron rollers support the tracked loader, making it a good choice for uneven and rough land. Our wheeled Bobcat model is low maintenance, lightweight and suitable for use on smooth groundwork. Our compact Bobcat models are small versions of the larger machines, however they still come fitted with a diesel engine and a one hand lever.


We provide excavator hire and plant machinery hire and can deliver our products to sites and properties in the Newcastle area. Newcastle is also known as Newcastle upon Tyne, and it is located in Tyne and Wear on the northern bank of the River Tyne. It is the most populous city in the North East, and it is home to Newcastle University and Northumbria University. Its regional dialect is Geordie, and the city is known for hosting the Great North Run and being home to Newcastle United Football Club and the Tyne Bridge. Landmarks in Newcastle include the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, the Angel of the North and The Castle, Newcastle.


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